We provide customizable menus unique to your facility’s culture and dietary needs.

From cost control to fine dining and patient satisfaction, NLS can assist and train in all areas of food service.

NLS offers top-notch clinical expertise with a focus on survey preparedness and quality assurance.

Whether your need is short or long-term, NLS can accommodate all your staffing needs.

We offer to speak on a variety of engaging topics tailored to meet the specific needs of your discipline.

From CEU’s and in-services to preceptorships, NLS has the resources to keep your staff survey ready.

Service Descriptions


Nutritious Lifestyles provides photo-ready, cost-effective menus that can be customized to your facility’s unique dietary needs. We can provide various menu extensions to include liberalized, gluten-free, culture specific, and many more. These menus can be easily customized based on PPD and regional preferences in your area, and include nutritional analysis that take the guesswork out of nutritional adequacy. View sample menu. Our menu services don’t end there. We can also provide recipes, purchase order guides, production sheets, and cost analysis in effort to help you control cost, quality, and consistency. All menus are signed-off by our Registered Dietitians to meet compliance guidelines.

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Nutritious Lifestyles provides assistance with food purchasing, guest satisfaction and guidance with implementing fine and cultural dining programs. We can also assist with kitchen planning, layout and equipment selection for remodels or new facilities.

Our services are further extended by offering group purchasing programs and tray card services, as well as specialized diet menus that will help improve food service satisfaction. Food costs are one of your facility’s greatest expenses, but with our group purchasing program you will realize a dramatic savings on food costs, supplies, equipment and more – and it requires no membership fee or commitment.

-Tray Card System

Our Tray Card system, Nutritious Solutions, helps improve tray accuracy by using visual cues to promote diet accuracy and tray line service efficiency. The easy to use interactive interface feature facilitates interdepartmental communication, including new guest diet orders, diet changes, preferences, and improved tray delivery times, and reduces countless frustrations associated with daily operations. The tray card system integrates to streamline order processing. This enables a facility to make up-to-date adjustments on production via changes in orders (i.e. NPO, discharge, etc.). The Nutritious Solutions GPO and tray card systems are a win-win for your organization in terms of improving tray accuracy, reducing waste, reducing labor costs for dietary and nursing, and improving resident satisfaction levels.


Nutritious Lifestyles can provide Registered Dietitians (RDs), Diet Technicians Registered (DTRs), Certified Dietary Managers (CDMs) and Chefs in a variety of clinical and community settings. Our dietary and nutrition professionals conduct nutrition screening and assessments, implement individualized nutrition interventions to improve healthy outcomes, and continue to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of those interventions. Our professionals are also experts in food safety and sanitation and are prepared to conduct regular quality assurance activities and in-services for food service staff, as well as mock surveys as a means of survey preparation.

Nutritious Lifestyles has nutrition specialists practicing in assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, acute care facilities, and post-acute care facilities for the adult, bariatric, pediatric and renal populations. We also have expanded into behavioral nutritional care including addiction, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, dementia, eating disorders, psychosis and autism. All of our RDs, LDs, and DTRs are familiar with JCAHO as well as Medicare and Medicaid regulations. We also maintain high expectations in behavioral nutrition standards of practice and nutrition care.


Nutritious Lifestyles can provide you with dietary and nutrition staff including Registered Dietitians, Diet Technicians Registered, Certified Dietary Managers and Chefs to assist in meeting the needs of your facility. Whether that need is short or long-term, we can provide trained dietary and nutrition professionals to fulfill PRN, part-time and/or full-time positions. We have dietary and nutrition professionals with experience in all service areas that Nutritious Lifestyles offers. Once we understand the unique needs of your facility or organization, Nutritious Lifestyles will conduct the interviews, background screenings and training of our growing pool of applicants so you don’t have to! Our dietary and nutrition professionals are provided with ongoing training, mentors, and continuing education to ensure that they are on the cutting-edge of their field at any given time.


Nutritious Lifestyles offers continuing education and in-services to dietary and nursing staff, along with CDM preceptorships to ensure your staff are kept up-to-date on the latest health and nutrition topics and are survey-ready. Some of the topics Nutritious Lifestyles has presented to multiple disciplines include, but are not limited to:

  • Nutrition Care for the Prevention and Treatment of Pressure Ulcers
  • Prevention of Dehydration
  • Dementia and Nutrition
  • Prevention and Treatment of Involuntary Weight Loss
  • Survey Preparedness
  • Laboratory Analyses in the Nutrition Assessment Process
  • Cost Control
  • Improving Food and Customer Satisfaction
  • The Role of Nutrition in Liability Reduction and Risk Management
  • The Nutrition Care Planning Process
  • Nutrition Care of the Post-Bariatric Patient
  • Nutrition Care for the Terminally Ill
  • Nutrition During Pregnancy and Interconception

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Nutritious Lifestyles can provide a variety of continuing education opportunities to ensure current, evidence-based practice.  We offer in-services for all areas of the food and nutrition department to ensure that staff are survey ready at all times.  As a company we believe firmly in the area of mentorship for the future generation of food and nutrition professionals.  We can provide CDM and LD preceptorships in addition to accepting dietetic interns from ACEND accredited programs.  NLS belongs to a multitude of professional organizations including the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Dietetic Practice Group’s and the Association for Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals.  With experts throughout all areas of food and nutrition, we have the access to resources to meet all of your educational needs.