Ways to Cut Effectively Reduce Snack Costs

Ways to Cut Effectively Reduce Snack Costs

Recently, there have been interruptions in planting, harvesting, production, transportation, delivery shortages, inefficiencies, and increased production costs which has resulted in food costs skyrocketing. Food costs have not risen this high since the 1970s, with that being said it is important to know and use the best practices to reduce food costs. 

More than ever it is crucial to monitor costs and usage of our food supply – snacks are a great place to start. Snacks are served as small amounts of food between meals to satisfy patients. 

Ways to Cut Effectively Reduce Snack CostsHere are ways to budget with appropriate residents snacks:

  • Serve cost effective, tasty snacks.
    • Purchase approved snacks
    • Sandwiches not necessary
    • Only serve healthy shakes as snacks with an order
    • Use non perishable snacks
    • Use drink mixes on hydration carts
  • Use bulk snack and leftovers
    • Do not purchase sugar-free, expensive and poor quality means more waste!
  • Pre package snacks in your kitchen if you have labor capacity 
  • Develop a snack cycle
    • Only HS required per regulations 
    • AM/PM snacks
    • Physician’s order or by request

By making these small adjustments to your processes and menus you can effectively cut costs while providing nutrition and keeping your residents full and happy. For more information on ways to improve your food supply and nutrition budget please visit our webinar:  Reducing Food Costs

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