Vital Keys to Keeping Residents & Staff Healthy

Vital Keys to Keeping Residents & Staff Healthy

Vital Keys to Keeping Residents & Staff HealthyKeeping residents and staff healthy during the pandemic is important. COVID is spreading at a rapid pace and is extremely contagious. So, what can we do? Well, we definitely need to make sure we have policies and people follow them. If you’re supposed to wear a mask, you wear a mask and other protocols that will protect residents and staff.

A building was recently cited through joint commission because the person’s mask came down. They touched it with their hand, touched their nose, shoved it back over their nose. Then they went back and touched something else like a piece of equipment. They were cited for cross contamination so be aware that the joint commission is going to be looking heavily at sanitation control. Make sure you’re following your CNS and your state guidelines and the centers for disease control. Everything with COVID-19 is so new to us, so information changes a lot. Check the websites frequently, attend webinars like you’re doing today to get information, be proactive, not reactive. Look outside the box and see what we can do differently to keep our people safe.

Here are key ways to protect residents & staff:

  • Hand washing – we use our hands for everything and that puts us at risk for transmitting the virus. Ensure you are constantly washing your hands and using hand sanitizer. 
  • Keep your mouth and nose covered – the nose and mouth is portable for the disease.
  • Disposing of materials with saliva away from residents and other staff members.
  • Stay home and contact your physician if you are not feeling well
  • Sanitize the kitchen and other areas
  • Keep your social distance 

For more information on the best practices to keep residents and staff members safe from COVID-19 with preventative protocols, check out our latest webinar: Keeping You, Your Clients, and Staff Healthy While Delivering Safe, High-Quality Food and Dining Services.

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