The Way COVID-19 Affected our Plates

The Way COVID-19 Affected our Plates

Many people around the world are dealing with COVID-19. However, not everyone is realizing how it is affecting our foods. Unless you work in the food business, you have not heard of how short we are currently on our favorite foods. I think consumers panic buying also played a role in the shortage of food that everyone is experiencing.

he Way COVID-19 affected Our PlatesWe have created many ideas to keep in mind while continuing to make the best of the food available.

  • Plate Presentation: How we see food: our senses affect our appetite. Sight and smell influence our perception of what we are about to eat before we put it in our mouth. Use aromatherapy- fresh baked cookies, bread, soup/bread carts.
  • There are some rules when plating food: never serve anything you would not eat. We eat with our eyes first. Everything on the plate should be edible. Always odd numbers. Plate ware should not take away from the food. Simple foods can produce beautiful pictures.
  • Plate Presentation: Start in the middle of the plate and work your way out. Sauce under the meat will keep the crust crisp. Reserve the front of the plate for the best-looking food.
  • Garnishing: Breakfast – orange slices, berries, cantaloupe, and parsley flakes. Lunch- pickles, peppers, fruit wedges, and veggies. Dinner- lemon with fish, parmesan with pasta, onions, tomatoes, and fresh herbs.
  •  Use simple garnishes to make desserts look more appealing: mint, berries, sauces like chocolate, caramel, and whipped cream. 99% of elderly love and can taste sweets. Desserts can be inexpensive options to increase intake and bring joy to the resident.

Even though there is a food shortage, we still must provide for our customers. I think that businesses are doing a great job. With all the shortages and cuts we are facing; they can take information from our list to provide the best food for their residents. We are looking forward to the days ahead and being able to help our consumers.

If you are interested in finding more information on how COVID-19 has impacted food production. Please check out our webinar on maintaining food budget during supply chain disruptions:

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