The Impact of COVID-19 in Food Distribution

The Impact of COVID-19 in Food Distribution

In March 2020, COVID-19 became a huge factor for many problems. Everyone was affected by this virus at some point. To consider a few, students were not able to attend schools, and some adults even lost their jobs. With everything going on it is still important that many facilities still receive the proper food needed to keep their business going. 

The Impact of COVID-19 in Food DistributionCOVID-19 has stopped and/or interfered with distribution to healthcare facilities nationally. Due to the limit of foods, many people were forced to replace their favorite foods with many substitutions:

  • Reduced availability of fresh/some frozen meat including chicken, fresh whole muscle beef (brisket, roasts). Fresh/frozen ground beef, fresh/frozen pork, pork sausage patties, and pork bacon. 
  • If chicken, pork or beef shorted, substitute turkey or fish if needed. Meat extender casseroles (eggs, meat, noodles, starches, potatoes). Use different available cuts of chicken, pork, and beef. 
  • Develop satisfying meatless breakfast alternatives eggs, hash brown, biscuits, gravy, oatmeal. Continental breakfast, boiled eggs, fruit cup, muffin, yogurt. Western omelet, home fries, and a Danish. Cheesy eggs, biscuits, butter grits. Egg casserole (with sausage, pork, or turkey). Stovetop or baked frittatas. Frittata egg muffins. 
  • Use combination protein dishes meat/noodles or meat/potatoes such as lasagna, spaghetti, or Shepherd’s pie 1c=2oz. meat. Egg/bread casseroles 1c=2oz. meat. Chili with beans 1c=2oz. meat. Mac n’ cheese 1c=1oz. meat. Bean soup 1c=1oz. meat. Rice and beans 1c=1oz. meat. Cheese pizza- 1 slice- 1oz. meat. 
  • Cost-effective combination protein dishes offer comfort, satisfaction, variety, soft texture, good heat retention, reduced portion cost. 

As we proceed through the pandemic, we can only try to get the food as fast as it is produced. I believe that providing substitutions to our customers is the best step to give them while we are low. Instead of having everyone stressed by searching for unavailable food, consumers can find alternatives to our selection.

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