The Disadvantages of COVID-19 in Food Production

The Disadvantages of COVID-19 in Food Production

COVID-19 entered in March 2020 and has changed everything. Many people were not able to do the things they once were able to do daily. A lot of jobs and businesses were losing out on resources that they needed to evolve. Our job is to provide food to businesses regardless of how bad the pandemic is.

  • The Disadvantages of COVID-19 in Food ProductionUncertainties around produce shortages spring planting, weather, production or efficiencies, lack of labor, 2nd wave of COVID-19, social distancing, and July/August shortages expected.
  • Chemical Interruptions if Clorox wipes, sanitizer and disinfectant are short: use homemade bleach solution 1/3 cup to a gallon for 1000 ppm disinfectant. 1 oz. per gallon, 50-100 PPM sanitizer. Locate other vendors.
  • Be Financial Stewards shortened items will occur, take an active role, and discuss food cost projections with management.
  • Keys to Control Food Costs always take an inventory before ordering. Maximize CMA/GPO/ competitive services and opportunities. Place orders early using order guides. Pre-approve all vendor subs. Check deliveries, oversee storage. Send back unnecessary, expensive items.

Since the pandemic started, we have been dealing with shortages. People are missing out on essential items at home and in the workplace. A lot of farmers and gardeners are not able to produce the fruits and vegetables they once were able to. Due to that, there are now more people in grocery stores looking for food that businesses are not providing.

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