Procedures for Nutrition with COVID-19 Positive Patients

Procedures for Nutrition with COVID-19 Positive Patients

During this difficult time, many facilities have COVID-19 positive patients so they are having to navigate and learn new ways to keep everyone safe while their patients recover. It is important to maintain distance whenever possible while caring for these patients. Here are ways to ensure your staff is protected around COVID-19 positive patients:

  • Procedures for Nutrition with COVID-19 Positive PatientsDietary staff should not enter a COVID-19 positive patient’s room unless it’s required.
  • Check to see who is in isolation, look at the policy and follow it. 
  • Keep patients materials separate safety to you as first and foremost, as well as to the client.
  • Wear proper protective gear (gloves, masks, shields, etc.)
  • Wash your hands or sanitize between patients.
  • Use disposable containers


For example, one of our facilities in the Texas market has a large number of COVID-19 positive patients and they have done an excellent job at creating a physical barrier, like a holding room. The trays come to a plastic cover and are dropped off there. The bolder goes back, the nurse picks up a set of trays, takes it to the unit passes. They change hands and gloves in between paths and then she takes it back empty with the trays and then dieters sanitize it in that barrier. That was an excellent idea and example of protecting staff & patients. By keeping COVID-19 from the rest of your unit using isolation rooms, you can provide care to infected patients and protect other patients. 

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