Ohio Health Care Association (OHCA) Webinar

Ohio Health Care Association (OHCA) Webinar – Keeping Your Residents Hydrated, Nutritionally Sound, and COVID-19 Free: Providing Nutritional Care to COVID-19 Positive Residents/Clients


Thursday, October 15, 2020 10:00AM EST



COVID-19 has affected us all especially our residents. Unfortunately, COVID-19 infections place the elderly, especially those with multiple co-morbidities, at risk for negative outcomes including taste and smell disorders, respiratory and GI distress, poor intakes of both food and fluids, increased risk of dehydration and nutritional deficits. The presentation will address how good nutrition and hydrational care can help keep our residents COVID-19 free. The presentation will also identify how COVID-19 can potentially negatively affect our residents’ quality of life, individual appetites, metabolism, nutrition and hydration status, weight, and digestion. The presentation will also address appropriate nutritional screening, assessments, interventions and care planning documentation and regulatory/survey compliance.


Learning Objectives


  • The participant will be able to identify 5 ways to keep our residents nourished and hydrated to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection and help the residents recover and thrive post-COVID-19 while improving nutrition and hydration status.
  • The participant will be able to identify the negative potential effects of COVID-19 on residents’ nutritional status.
  • The participant will be able to identify appropriate nutrition interventions to minimize dehydration, weight loss, and malnutrition risks for our residents that are COVID-19 positive.
  • The participant will be able to assess and develop, implement and document appropriate nutritional plans of care to address the specific needs of residents that are COVID-19 positive while exceeding state and federal regulations.


About the Presenter


Janet S. McKee, MS, RDN, CSG, LD/N, DAPWCA has 34 years of experience providing nutritional food service consulting to the skilled nursing, behavioral and acute care industry throughout the United States. Ms. McKee is a nationally recognized educator, expert, author and presenter. Currently, Ms. McKee is the President of Nutritious Lifestyles, a group of 165 RDNs, CDMs and NDTRs providing nutrition and food service consulting services.