Key Ways to Control Food Costs During the Pandemic

Key Ways to Control Food Costs During the Pandemic

At this time people and businesses all over the world are being affected by COVID-19, whether you are on the frontlines in our hospitals, nursing homes or first responders we are all revisiting ways to improve and make it through these difficult times. One thing to be aware of is the rising costs of food items needed to provide nutrition to our residents and clients. There are many shortages in supply, labor, production and other major roles that are skyrocketing the price of food. 

Key Ways to Control Food Costs During the PandemicIn efforts to continue providing satisfying, tasty and nutritious meals to residents we have included key ways to control food costs:

  • Take an active role in monitoring food supply, order guides, menu substitutions and your budget.
  • Discuss food costs projections with your management team
  • Always take an inventory prior to order
  • Maximize GPO & use your CMA
  • Place orders early using order guides
  • Pre-approved all vendor subs
  • Check all deliveries
    • Oversee storage
    • Send back unnecessary and expensive items
  • Monitor tray line for portion control, waste and quality
  • Lock storage room when not in use
  • Monitor PPD monthly with administrator
  • Use food first and less costly supplements
  • Liberalized diets

These are just a few of the ways we can be proactive and cut food expenses. It can be difficult during the pandemic to maintain a budget, especially with all of the shortages but if you continue to alter menus, use order guides and operate with teamwork you can still provide a delicious meal to clients while saving money! For more information on cutting costs and providing nutrition check out our webinar: HOW TO OFFER QUALITY, BUDGET-FRIENDLY DINING DURING SUPPLY CHAIN DISRUPTION.

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