How to Evaluate Food Waste for Menu and Diet Changes

How to Evaluate Food Waste for Menu and Diet Changes

The recent pandemic has caused many interruptions in planting, harvesting, production, transportation, delivery shortages, inefficiencies, and increased production costs which has resulted in food costs skyrocketing. In this difficult time it is important to cut costs and evaluate food waste to ensure residents are satisfied and all nutritional needs are met. 

How to Evaluate Food Waste for Menu and Diet ChangesYou want to ensure that your budget is not being wasted with foods residents will not use.

Ways to evaluate and prevent food waste:

  • Consider offering small portions, regular and large portions as appropriate.
  • Use flavor enhancers with menu alternatives
    • Gravy, margarine and spices
  • Do not purchase sugar-free, expensive and poor quality means more waste!
  • Review waste & make menu changes weekly
  • Using cost effective daily specials 
  • Offering more filling items such as bread and cream based soups

Combating waste will help you stretch your budget during the COVID-19 pandemic while so many common items are not available. Making these small adjustments to your processes and menus you can effectively cut costs while providing nutrition and keeping your residents full and happy. 

For more information on ways to improve your food supply and nutrition budget please visit our webinar:  Reducing Food Costs

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