How to Ensure Your Kitchen is Running Cost Effectively

How to Ensure Your Kitchen is Running Cost Effectively

With the recent interruptions in planting, harvesting, production, transportation, delivery shortages, inefficiencies, and increased production costs has resulted in food costs skyrocketing. It is crucial during this time for your kitchen to be aware of operating costs effectively. 

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We always advise managers to inspect, do not expect. People generally do what  you inspect not expect. This is why it is so important to check the line 2-3 meals per day or train your lead cook to do so. 

How to Ensure Your Kitchen is Running Cost EffectivelyHere are additional ways to ensure your kitchen is running cost effectively:

  • Check scoops & portions prior to each trayline.
  • Monitor quality at each meal
  • Train supervisors to audit on weekends and when manager, FSD/CDM is not on the property.
  • Make sure recipes and production sheets are printed & in use.
  • Post spreads menu and train staff to follow
  • Educate and post scoop sizes – color code if possible!
  • Use production sheets 
  • Train staff to use leftovers effectively
  • Serve cost effective & tasty snacks


These are a few key ways to keep your costs down while still providing nutritious meals to residents and staff that are satisfying. By monitoring and working together with your team you can run your kitchen cost effectively. For more information & tips on how to save money during this pandemic, check out our webinar Reducing Food Expenses While Serving Quality Food & Combating Skyrocketing Costs.

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