How COVID-19 is Affecting Food Production

How COVID-19 is Affecting Food Production

During these difficult times COVID-19 is an ever moving target and we are moving with it. It is no surprise that almost everything has been affected by the pandemic – schools, businesses, hospitals and especially manufacturing food facilities. We must provide quality food & dining programs with food and chemical interruptions while maintaining your food budget.

How To Offer Quality, Budget-Friendly Dining During Supply Chain Disruption 

How COVID-19 is Affecting Food ProductionA lot has happened since March, so how has COVID-19 impacted our food productions?

  • Production of numerous plants have completely stopped. Particularly there was a pork manufacturing, slaughterhouse plant in the Northwest that was completely shut down for 3 weeks due to over 900 staff members testing positive for COVID-19. At this time plants are operating at 70% capacity and following social distancing.


  • Supply & increased demands. Applesauce, fruit cups, yogurts, canned soup, sanitizers and paper goods have seen a major demand increase as the supply dwindles which leads to increased prices.
  • Important & exports affected. U.S. imports including meats, fruits and vegetables. COVID-19 is affecting other countries’ ability to export foods.
  • Increased prices causing budget overrides. For example, ground beef has seen a 300% price increase since March – this will cause budget overrides. Be sure to discuss budget overages weekly/monthly with your administration.

What can we do about this? We have to look at our budget & maintain quality all while potentially being short on labor. It’s truly a balancing act trying to navigate through this pandemic. We are being forced to make substitutions or alternatives in our menus and in the way we are serving and producing food. 

For more information on ways to effectively make substitutions and alternatives with available foods during the pandemic, check out or webinar: How To Offer Quality, Budget-Friendly Dining During Supply Chain Disruption 


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