How COVID-19 Caused Substitutions

How COVID-19 Caused Substitutions

Food has been the top production impacted by COVID-19. Even though food is a renewable resource, they are currently struggling with keeping up with the need for individuals. I believe that this was a wakeup call for everyone to buy more lasting food and even switch to healthier options during this time of need. If everyone continues to buy the food that is available now, they will be able to focus on a better lifestyle.

How COVID-19 Caused SubstitutionsTo stay on budget and provide the needs for our consumers the following is efficient:

  • Cost-Effective Menu Altercations use seasonal produce. Used canned items when appropriate. Consider juice blends. Use inexpensive hydration beverages. Substitute less costly center of the plate (ex. Frozen boneless chicken thighs vs. fresh chicken breast). Use egg or meat/starchy casseroles. Utilize meat extenders. Use beans/rice dishes or bean-based soups.
  •  Sample Cost-Effective, Convenient Menu Altercation: Lunch chicken breast a l’orange=turkey tetrazzini. Fresh tomato and green salad=green beans with pimento. Buttered noodles=garlic bread. Lemon meringue pie=homemade blueberry cobbler.
  • Sample Cost-Effective and Convenient Menu Altercation: Dinner roasted pork with fresh apple rings=baked turkey breast with gravy. Green beans almondine=steam green beans (frozen). Baked sweet potatoes=mashed sweet potatoes (canned). Iced chocolate with whipped topping=chocolate brownie squares.
  • Sample Cost-Effective and Convenient Menu Alternative meatloaf =bean/cheese/ chicken burritos (1/2c beans, 1 oz cheese, 1oz. chicken). Butter biscuits=buttered rice.

Due to the lack of food production, it has helped everyone eat healthier. Consumers have been adjusting to what is available and making healthier choices in the long run. Even restaurants are making changes by opening with a limited menu. With everything going on, it has everyone looking forward to the day when all the food we once were consuming will be available.

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