Chronic Conditions at High Risk for COVID-19

Chronic Conditions at High Risk for COVID-19

As more studies are done & time goes on we are able to understand more about COVID-19 and how it affects our residents. We need to keep this in mind as we treat our elderly people with chronic diseases and maintain their nutrition. Elderly people with chronic conditions are at high risk for COVID and especially increased with fatalities, diabetes, uncontrolled with elevated blood sugars consistently has a 254% increase in fatality rates.

There are still many factors to this virus that we do not understand yet, however it is important we are actively meeting residents nutritional needs and preferences to keep them as healthy as possible. Here is a list of chronic conditions that are at high risk for COVID-19:

  • Coronary disease
  • upper respiratory infections, such as pneumonia.
  • cancer
  • immune compromise, such as HIV.
  • obesity
  • COPD
  • UTI’s
  • renal disease, such as those requiring dialysis.
  • infection complications, these increase fatalities.


With all of these chronic conditions at such high risk for COVID-19 or even death, it is key to provide residents with adequate nutrition. Remember many of your clients and remote referrals from the EMR available, and we are truly a phone call away. For all of our nutritious lifestyles clients, please make sure that you as DONs and you as CDs have the dietitian consult cell phone number and email address. For after hours calls, please call us at our toll free number if you need help with a tube feeding issue, menu change, or need our assistance please call 877-894-0401. During these difficult times we are here for you & your residents, for more information on nutritional intervention, prevention, treatment & care for COVID-19 residents, check out our latest webinar: Keeping You, Your Clients, and Staff Healthy While Delivering Safe, High-Quality Food and Dining Services!

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